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The Year of You

Red Flag

Hello, Beautiful Ones!!!

I’m just a few glorious weeks out of Creative Rehab Bali, and am still just so thrilled on what went on there that I want to keep the energy, motivation and recovery going! I love the approach that Andrea Balt of Rebelle Society and Write Yourself Alive has towards life, and her views on creativity and making life itself an immense act of utter responsibility and audacious creativity. If it’s not the “Year of Me” then who’s Year is it? All of ours!!! We are going to have an amazing time, like Bali 365! As I write this, I’m still wearing a sarong. And have a song in my heart.

My big goals for this year are:

1. Fall in love wholeheartedly.
1. Write, write, write and write my first novel and continue life on my creative pathway.
1. And continue to seek a synergy of the talents I’ve been blessed with, the skills I’ve developed over the last 57 years, and truths I’ve realized into a vehicle of Beautiful Writing that I’ve never been courageous enough to dive into.

I want to leave my stuff behind, and just take the possibility forwards. Edit.
Continue the transition from procrastination to procreation. Make it happen every chance I make.
Remove roadblocks to manifestation. Fail and get back up. I can do anything i can envision. Live in dreamtime.
Understand that abundance is all about the soul. And how vast can that be?

One of the big lessons I learned in Bali was about balancing the Normal Life and the Life Spiritual.
I feel that what is about to transpire here over the course of the next year will be a big part of that for me. As I trust for you.

Peace and Truth be with you all,


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