Karmic Poertal

It is always the right thing if you know it is. You can reach a consensus of your being and know. We are all Boddhisattvas, great and small. Acts of kindness pay the greatest dividends that the Great Investment Bank of Heaven pays forward. To All.

Technology is a sense intensifier. Our world is globally connected. It is possible to transfer everything we value to anyone and anywhere almost instantaneously. All the positivity and all the ramifications exist simultaneously. The absolute duality of physical existent becomes front fold and ramifications multiply exponentially. How many factors duality can multiply up into is a mystery to me.

As are you, as am I.

I’ve tried to be kind. Sometimes that is not easy. The Universe offends if that is the language you know. It is obvious. But you may learn to remain your world from a place of positivity, and those messages will change. As will your life, possibly to your benefit and control. This is our waking dream, we are each and everyone of us expanded across Time co-creators.

This was a gift from the heart. A MF840LL/A MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

And it is a new space. New technology, a new interface. I need to have a good chat with Siri someday. Can you interview her, and can she interview you? Typing on this keypad is like frogs dancing on the tops of silicone lily pads. And, a publisher as radical as Gutenberg.

It is Love when the Universe dances in collusion with its sweet self.

I am worthy. Worthy of my thoughts. Worthy of my soul, and worthy of my being.

Thank you and Bless You.

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