The Journey Began…

DrThanks for joining me!

This is Pura Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia. A while ago I didn’t even know that it existed. This is a also a story that I didn’t know existed until I realized that I could live it, and write it. Someday soon, I will write it for you to read. I hope that it will inspire you to write and live your own stories, because that is your truth.

I love quotes. — Lauren Jones

A huge thanks to Dr. Jeremy Goldberg for understanding my absence at “Getting Shit Done 101” due to an appointment with an ancient Pandan tree, an energy vortex and a dead kitten who never appeared. And a blog that did. In one day.

To Andrea Balt, with joy and welling tears of deep gratitude for writing us all alive, and for the rescue and recognizing the loneliness in the world. For encouraging me to share the only thing I truly own.

To all my spirit guides on Bali and throughout these vast infinite plains, and my fellow intrepid travelers at Creative Rehab Bali and beyond. Thank you for joining me and sharing the journey.

And to Luigi for showing me the water.

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