On Sustainability

Sand and Sarong

Choose. Each moment of your life can have little impact on the inevitable days to follow. Or, each moment may follow the the most profound joy of the moments that passed before. 11 million bits of sense data per second. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine. Then open them again, and read this. What will you do next? Read on?

Breathe. And after that, the rest of your life will follow. Moment by moment. You have a voice in that, a strong, vested interest. For yourself, for those you love, for all of this tribe that have been and are yet to be. Many unfortunate souls think they do not, or are faced with devastating circumstances, or have forgotten about the mystical nature of time. The sarong you lost to the beach last summer has returned to dress the tumbled pebbles and driftwood. We are all half-buried in the glistening black sand, tumbled and exposed, shaped and polished by the brute energy of the cyclical nature of duality. Volcano and sea salt, tide and premonition, fiber and nuance. At present, we are not just flesh and bone, but soul and spirit.

And tomorrow? It is our tomorrow. Please help me choose.

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